Honored Veterans

Honored Veterans

Jose Montenegro (2016)

After the events of 9/11, Jose joined the Army in 2002 to do his part for his country. He planned on being a career Soldier and serving his country for 20 or more years.   After being injured in a training exercise, Jose was medically and honorably discharged from the Army at the age of 32.

His life path was changed in an instant and he was forced to rethink his future.  Jose used his GI Bill to further his education and get his degree in hopes that it would help him secure a better future for his wife Karin and young daughter Katherine.  We are honored to be able to help Jose and his family and give back to a man who gave so much for his country and our freedom.


Gabriella and Joe Rodriguez (2015)

Gabriella Rodriguez joined the US Army in 2004 after one year at Pasadena City College. She was deployed in November 2005 to Iraq and was there for 12 months. She became a sergeant in 2010. She was deployed twice toIMG_6740 Iraq and once to Afghanistan.

In May of 2013, Gabriella’s husband, Joe Rodriguez, was killed in the line of duty while in his 6th deployment to Afghanistan. At the time, Gabriella was 8 months pregnant. In 2014, she was hospitalized due to the inability to cope with the loss of her husband. She was diagnosed with major depression and PTSD. Gabriella was honorably discharged from the military in June 2015 with a total of 10 years in service.

We thank Gabriella for her years of service to protect our country and our freedom.