Honored Veterans

Honored Veterans

Honored Veterans

Celso Campoverde (2018)


 Celso served in the US Navy from 2002-2006   and in both Iraqi Freedom and Endurance    Freedom.  Celso was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2009. Due to injuries sustained in the military, Celso was medically disabled and unable to work. Celso currently lives in Canyon Country, CA with his wife Nayeli and four children: Ken, Alexis, Jacob and Sarah.


Lorenzo Gaines (2017)


Edgar Ochoa (2017)




Jose Montenegro (2016)

Jose joined the Army in 2002 to do his part for his country. He planned on being a career Soldier and serving his country for 20 or more years.   After being injured in a training exercise, Jose was medically and honorably discharged from the Army at the age of 32.  Jose lives in Santa Clarita with his wife Karin and daughter Katherine.





Gabriella Rodriguez (2015)

Gabriella Rodriguez joined the US Army in 2004 after one year at Pasadena City College. She was deployed in November 2005 to Iraq and was there for 12 months. She became a sergeant in 2010. She was deployed twice toIraq and once to Afghanistan. In May of 2013, Gabriella’s husband, Joe Rodriguez, was killed in the line of duty while in his 6th deployment to Afghanistan. At the time, Gabriella was 8 months pregnant. Gabriella was honorably discharged from the military in June 2015 with a total of 10 years in service. She currently resides in Santa Clarita, CA with her son Joe.